Raise Your paws if your Dog is your Valentine!


I’m here to tell you…you are not alone! Even if you are married, or dating, or otherwise engaged….your dog can be and should be your valentine! After all, who else is THAT roseexcited when you come through the door! Who else hangs on your every word (even if they are listening for the magic word “cookie” lol). I know my girl is always there, and even just  looking down at the cute fuzzy face with her golden brown eyes, and soft stare…she is without a doubt my L’amore.

If your dog has sat in your lap after a break up, let you hug them while you cried, bounced around in the yard because you were happy, always willing to be your side kick when you go for a hike or tucked you in bed and shared your pillow…then your dog is your valentinerose2pawsb

Luckily, your dog is a cheap date haha! You don’t have to do a whole planned evening out…you don’t even have to do a lady and the tramp spaghetti scene! Ask your poochie to be your valentine, treat them to an extra cookie, or an extra loop around the block on your nightly walk…or rent a movie and cuddle on the couch! If you do happen to have a human valentine as well…invite them to go with you, they’ll like that! 😉


This valentine’s I captured a few memories of my girl. These three images are apart of my 3 canvas collection I created for my home decor. The earthy tones will warm up the living space and the rose is a beautiful shot of colour!


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Love on your dog and give them a squeeze from me!






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