Amelia goes to the emergency vet…

It’s not very often that my girl needs to go to the vet but when she does its does give her mama a start. I was taking her out for her last walk of the night around 10:30pm, she had been acting a little particular over the weekend so I had called her regular vet to bring her in. She was scheduled to see her vet the next day.

While we were on our very short walk, as she was peeing in irregular fashion. I decided to look at what was coming out. I had seen a little bit of blood in her pee in the grass. This is not necessarily a veterinary emergency, as it was most likely a UTI…but non the less, when this mama sees blood the baby goes to the vet immediately.

While at the emergency vet, you know you are going to see pets at their most distressed more often than not. Simply because most people don’t usually want to be going to a vets office at 12am when they work the next morning unless there pet is in distress.

Why am I writing about this and how does it relate to what I do as a pet photographer?

Every person that I saw come into the emergency vet clinic that night was not expecting to be there, and definitely not expecting to leave without their family member. They were clearly distressed and taken by surprise. I saw two families leave part of themselves behind that night. It broke my heart.

I have had people contact me with images of a furry best friend that had passed away. Digital images they had take with their cellphone or point and shoot, asking me if I could do anything so they would be able to print this favourite picture of theirs. Unfortunately, the files were so poor in quality or lacked digital information their was nothing that could be done.

It is no secret that our animal companions will have a shorter life span than ourselves. It is an unfortunate reality. This is why I am such an advocate of preserving the memories. Investing in professional photography can help you do that. You will have images, that will last, that captures every whisker, eye colour, fur design, personality, images that will be crystal clear and in focus, and because our equipment is sophisticated and of professional grade your images will have more than enough digital information to print at any size and our professional printers we work with will give you quality that far surpasses that of Walmart.

When you hire a professional photographer you are hiring quality that is timeless. When we send your dog’s images to print, it will be the best image quality money can buy, the image will be exactly the way it is meant to look, the paper or canvas that it will be printed on will be professional grade which means it will be able to stand the test of time, the ink that prints your image will stand the test of time.

I never want my clients to be caught in the situation, at an emergency vet, finding themselves having to say goodbye to their best friend unexpectedly and far to soon and only then wishing they had more memories of their dog.


Photography is an art, a timeless piece of art of your best friend is irreplaceable.



Jodie Etmanski

Professional Photographer




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